Chemical Skin Peels

Chemical skin peels are one of the oldest cosmetic procedures in the world. Today chemical skin peels are amongst the most popular and widely recognised methods of improving the health and appearance of skin by removing dead skin cells and encouraging new ones to grow.

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I swear by a course of chemical skin peels every so often. Not only can they help with any skin concerns but it also helps slow down the signs of ageing – who wouldn’t want that?

Chemical peel depths range from very superficial to deep, although several light depth peels can often achieve similar results to one deeper peel treatment, with less risk and shorter recovery time.

We use the amazing Cliniccare AHA/BHA peel solutions which tackle common skin concerns:

  • Cliniccare Glow – For hyperpigmentation, age spots and dull tired skin
  • Cliniccare Pure – For troubled and/or sensitive skins and acne-like conditions 
  • Cliniccare Refresh – For fine lines wrinkles and skin rejuvenation 

Afterwards, your skin will feel silky smooth, and makeup will glide seamlessly onto your face, whereas moisturisers and serums will soak into the skin like a sponge.

And for those clients with acne prone skin, the acid in the peel kills the acne-causing bacteria resulting in a reduction in spots and redness as shown in the picture below where the acne shows a visible reduction in just four days!

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions and answers about this treatment. If you require any other information, please call us on 01527 350 401 or contact us.

For this treatment, you are able to have your treatment on the same day as your consultation. If you want to have your treatment on the same day as your consultation you should advise this to the therapist at the time of making your appointment so that adequate time can be allocated.

During the treatment, you can expect to feel a warmth and a slight tingling and/or stinging sensation when the peel is applied. This should not feel horrifically uncomfortable and if you feel extreme pain and discomfort this is not normal, and you should inform your therapist immediately.

After the treatment, reactions can include skin redness and flushing, peeling, dryness, irritation, tightness, itching, tenderness, accentuated lines and wrinkles due to dryness, stinging and swelling.

Effects will usually typically resolve within hours and many people are able to return to their normal activities the same or next day. Some people may react differently and may experience these reactions for longer. However, these reactions are temporary and typically resolve within 3-7 days as the skin returns to normal.

There is a small risk of side effects causing the skin to turn very red, blister, swell, peel, and later scab and crust. In severe cases, infection and ulceration may result, although this is not expected to occur due to the sterility of the procedure and the minimally invasive nature of the peel.

These are our current prices however we announce special offers and discounts exclusively on our Facebook and Instagram pages so please feel free to follow us to keep up to date with our latest deals.

Individual Skin Peel £50
Course of Six £275

Individual Skin Peel with Dermaplaning £65
Course of Six £300


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Had the 3D fat freezing today. Nat explained everything in detail. I was quite nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. It was good. Can’t wait to book more treatments and can’t wait to see the results of the fat freezing. Thanks Nat x

Louise Hayward