Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massages actually date back thousands of years and, as the name suggests, involves the use of flat heated stones that are placed in key spots around the body. This deeply relaxing treatment is a great way to recharge those batteries if you’re feeling burnt out and drained. 

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During the treatment the therapist systematically works their way around the body, using both the stones and their hands, to apply a variety of gliding massage techniques that soothes both the mind and body. 

So, if you want to indulge in sheer relaxation, then a hot stone massage might be for you and from the moment you close your eyes you’ll feel any stress just melt away.

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Had the 3D fat freezing today. Nat explained everything in detail. I was quite nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. It was good. Can’t wait to book more treatments and can’t wait to see the results of the fat freezing. Thanks Nat x

Louise Hayward