Laser tattoo removal

With the AW3 Combo we are able to remove your unwanted tattoos. This includes semi-permanent cosmetic facial tattoos such as lip liners and eyebrows.

check-icon Results can be seen after first treatment

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How it works

The ND YAG Q switched is applied to the tattoo. The tattoo absorbs the laser light, creating an acoustic shock and shattering the ink into minute particles. These particles are then transported out of the body via the lymphatic system, through the kidneys and urine.

We are able to remove both professional and amateur tattoos of all colours, although it should be noted that some colours are easier to remove than others and repeat sessions may be needed for effective removal.

How many sessions will I need?

Results can be seen after the first treatment however, the number of sessions that you might need depends on the depth of the tattoo and the colour of the ink. This could mean that you might require 3-5 treatments to be taken every six weeks for complete removal.

How long does the treatment take?

This is entirely dependant on the size of the tattoo. A small tattoo might only take less than ten minutes whereas a large or multiple tattoos could take anywhere up to an hour of treatment.

See it in action

Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions and answers about this treatment. If you require any other information, please call us on 01527 350 401 or contact us.

Unfortunately, with this treatment, you will not be able to have treatment on the same day as your consultation. It is important that we patch test a small, discreet area on your body to establish exactly how your body will react with the laser treatment. Adverse reactions include swelling, blistering, hives etc. You will be asked to provide a photograph of the area that has been patch tested to confirm that you have not had any reactions.

Our prices are listed below but please note, we regularly post special offers exclusively on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Please feel free to follow us to keep up to date with all of our latest deals.


Very Small Area

(Up to 2.5cm)

Small Area

(Up to 5cm)

Medium Area

(Up to 10cm)

Large Area

(Up to 15cm)

Very Large Area

(Up to 25cm)

Major Area

(Up to 50cm)


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Had the 3D fat freezing today. Nat explained everything in detail. I was quite nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. It was good. Can’t wait to book more treatments and can’t wait to see the results of the fat freezing. Thanks Nat x

Louise Hayward